This page contains all of the following resources for each class meeting:

Please note, the lesson numbers and topics (e.g. 1.1) are my design, and will not match up with the textbook!

Relevant materials (if applicable, icons will become links) will be posted before class meets.

I. Law and Economics Content Slides Assignment
1.1 Law and Economics
1.2 Overview of Common Law
1.3 Review of Economics & Efficiency
1.4 Should the Law Be Efficient?
II. Property Content Slides Assignment
2.1 Game Theory and Property Fundamentals
2.2 The Coase Theorem
2.3 Bargaining & Transaction Costs
2.4 Remedies: Property Rules vs. Liability Rules
2.5 Property Acquisition & Use
2.6 Intellectual Property
2.7 Regulation and Takings
Problem Set 1 due Wed Mar 24
III. Contracts Content Slides Assignment
3.1 Bargain Theory of Contract
3.2 Efficient Breach
3.3 Invalidating Contracts
3.4 Breach Remedies
Problem Set 2 due Tues Apr 13
Midterm Exam due Tues Apr 20
IV. Torts Content Slides Assignment
4.1 The Legal Theory of Tort Liability
4.2 An Economic Model of Precaution & Negligence
4.3 The Standard of Care
4.4 Products Liability
4.5 Criticisms & Alternatives to Tort Liability
Problem Set 3 due Sun May 9
V. Criminal Law Content Slides Assignment
5.1 Crimes vs. Torts
5.2 Wrapping Up the Semester
Short Paper due May 14
Final Exam due May 21